Events occurring on Sunday, May 4, 1941  
  The Blitz - The Bombing of England  
  The May Blitz of Liverpool continued.  
  Military Conflict in North Africa  
  Major General Erwin Rommel halted his attack on Tobruk.  
  The East African Campaign  
  The 29th Indian Brigade drove the Italian forces from their positions around Amba Alagi.  
  Iraq in WW2  
  The RAF targeted the airfield at Mosul which was being used by a small German force. The German force there was receiving supplies from and via Syria with the cooperation of the Vichy authorities.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  Dispersed from Convoy OB-310, the Swedish steam merchant Japan was torpedoed and sunk by the U-38, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Liebe, about 250 miles northwest of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Of the ship’s complement, all 54 survived reached land by lifeboat. The 5,230 ton Japan was carrying general cargo and coal and was bound for the Middle East.  
  Inside the Third Reich  
  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler gave a speech to the Reichstag. The speech covered the actions being taken against Germany by Great Britain, his thoughts on British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Germany's military campaigns in the Balkans, and details on the German attack of Yugoslavia. Read the text of the speech.  
  Operation Merkur – The German Invasion of Crete  
  New Zealand Major-General Bernard Freyberg sent a message to the British commander in the Middle East, General Archibald Wavell, requesting the evacuation of about 10,000 personnel who did not have weapons and had "little or no employment other than getting into trouble with the civil population". Few of these men had left Crete by the time the Germans invasion began on May 20.
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  Events in the Western United States  
  A German band played for the Deutsches Kriegshilfswerk [German war workers] at the California Hall in San Francisco, California.  
  Ships Commissioned  
  A ship's commissioning was when the ship was handed over, post fittings and trials, to the end user which, in this case, was a combatant navy.  
  The minelayer HMS Latona (M 76) was commissioned. Her first commander was Captain Stuart L. Bateson.  
  May 1941 Calendar  
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